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Frequently Asked Questions

New To First Phase Media? We're a media publishing brand that is centered around our community of Social Investors. Below are answers to some FAQs from our community.

Can I use First Phase Media's content?

Yes! You can share it with your world for free directly from our website as long as you follow all of these steps:

  • You make no changes to the content and the visualization;
  • You attribute First Phase Media; and
  • You link back to us.

To view our complete Brand Attribution Guidelines, visit our Terms & Disclaimer page.

What do you provide your Clients?

We speak to the unique value proposition that your company has. And we put it in front of the right audience, starting with our community.

Our intent is always to inform our audience more about innovation and disruptive technology.

See what our Clients say about working with us here. And reach out to setup an intro call to discuss in person what we can do for you.

How do you create your creative content?

Our design team is absolutely boss!

We use a range of products from Adobe Creative, to Canva, to Figma, and others.

Is your content unbiased?

Yes! First Phase Media is an unbiased source of news and information for our readers. We want you to have access to information that we would want to read ourselves as retail investors.

However, we do provide various services from paying Clients and partners, including the companies listed on our Featured Companies page. Paid feature companies and advertisements are our means to stay in the business of providing our community a majority of information freely and in an unbiased manner.

Please note that any information displayed on our website that has been sponsored will be clearly identified as such.

Where do you get your information from?

As is the world of retail investing today, there are many different places that information can be sourced from. And while we do have access to various proprietary data sources, a majority of our content is from quality, publicly available information that is verifiable.

We take pride in the content we provide being of high quality and valuable for our readers. We are focused on discovering the innovative technologies and companies that are shaping our future.

Our content aims to filter the noise of the abundance of information available and help you position yourself within the social investing markets.

How can we work together?

We offer various services that align with your campaign goals. And we achieve the best results by telling the best story for your company, to the right audience.

To find out more, visit our Advertise With Us page.

I want you to write about a company I like, what do I do?

You're a writer? Love copy? Love it!

Contact us directly or for quicker response, DM us on Twitter @firstphasemedia with the company you want to cover and a short reason why it will benefit our community.

Do you take inside tips for potential news stories?

We do not accept inside tips and if we receive them without notice, we will never act upon them.

If you have a company that you've been following, that we aren't (check out or Watchlist), which you believe is shaping our future, we'd love to hear about it!

Contact us directly or for quicker response, DM us on Twitter @firstphasemedia with the information and a short reason why it will benefit our community. We'll take a quick look and let you know if we'll be doing a deep dive for a story or a mention.

Do you accept guest posts?

At its core, First Phase will ultimately be unbiased and community driven.

Go right ahead and Contact us directly or for quicker response, DM us on Twitter @firstphasemedia with your information we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We're always open to hearing from the community and helping with contributions.

Do you have a subscription for readers?

Currently, all of our content is free for the community. Website, socials, and newsletter.

The best way to stay up to date with our latest offerings are joining our newsletter and following us on Twitter and other socials. If you're part of our mailing list, you'll get some exclusive content not available on our social channels.

As we continue to grow alongside our audience, we will continue to explore other exclusive opportunities which may be through subscriptions. However, our intent has never been to monetize the opportunities we provide to our community of social investors.

If you have ideas for subscriptions or other ways to improve our offerings, feel free to Contact us directly or DM us on Twitter @firstphasemedia. All feedback is welcomed!

Do you admit when you're wrong?

Absolutely. Nobody is correct all of the time when speaking about this industry. Sometimes the hype surrounding a company is far greater than the actual value of the company.

Our goal is to always be as upfront as possible. The era of social investors is just beginning.

Why should I trust you if you are paid to write about companies?

The short answer - trust no one! Longer answer - your own due diligence should entail numerous sources and steps that are tailored by you to suit your investment strategy and risk profile. You then begin to understand your potential investment across various sources and verify the information you have across them all. First Phase Media is only one source of information and is not financial advice.

We are committed to providing our community with unbiased content. This content is created as information that we ourselves would want to read as part of our own research. And it is free!

Our paid content is part of our business model in order to ensure we can continue to grow our community and free services. All of our paid content will be marked clearly as such.

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