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Our content and community will be a key phase in your investment journey.

Through the community of social investors, we aim to discover investment ideas and market sentiment around the leading companies of tomorrow.

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The Community of Tomorrow

Our Community

Welcome to First Phase Media's Social Investing Community! Our community is a dedicated group of retail investors who together are continually hunting for the next disruptive industry or innovative technology that is going to shape the future.

With the rise of retail, millions of new investors are in the markets. And it is incredible to see! However, it has become much harder to filter out the real news from the fake and this has unfortunately led to a great amount of lesser-educated retail investors losing hard-earned money.

Our Social Investing Community is just that - a community in which learns and helps each other filter the noise. Be warned though, the occasional meme stock moonshot investment opportunity has been known to surface on our channels!

Join our community of social investors to discover investment ideas and market sentiment around the leading innovations of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To equip every investor for a world of unknown.

Our Vision

A world of investors leads to a world of opportunity.