Ventripoint, the road to success

Marc Challande
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Ventripoint Diagnostics (VPT.V) is one of these unique companies with breakthrough technology. The company’s product, the VMS+3.0, could simply revolutionize the MRI system for heart analyses. Even more exciting, Ventripoint has the multi-billion dollar company General Electric Healthcare as a partner.

Why is the company’s technology revolutionary?

Ventripoint’s product, the VMS+, is designed to create an accurate 3D model of hearts and allows one to obtain cardiac metrics on all four heart chambers within minutes. As a comparison, MRI scans only provide 2D echocardiograms. But this is not just it. VMS+ offers many other advantages, such as saving time through the scan, analysis, reading, image availability times, workflow, and capital costs. It is also important to mention the patient is allowed to move when he can’t with an MRI scan. Let’s focus on numbers to have a better understanding:

“Exceeded expectations based on knowledge of the previous model. Sleakness, design, and usability. Other model was overwhelming to use. Portable to bedside.”

-Usability test participant #13

What is the company’s growth strategy?

First, let’s take a look at the market opportunity. The sector is full of opportunities to use Ventripoint’s product to enhance patient condition analysis. Each year in the U.S., 659K+ people die from heart disease in the U.S.. More than 2M infants, children, adolescents, and adults live with Congenital Heart Defects (CDC estimation), and 116M adults have hypertension. Forty-one thousand six hundred ultrasound stations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The global cardiovascular diagnostic testing market was valued at $6,876.29 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $15,430.46 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 8.3% from 2021 to 2030.

Ventripoint accesses multiple markets and revenue on a global scale. Its alliance with General Electric Healthcare provides access to 160 countries with 480,000 ultrasound units worldwide. The company also targets to increase sales through distribution with other major distributors. Ventripoint partnered with CardioLogic and AngioPro, both leading distributors of medical devices for cardiac care in Europe and the U.K.. The company is currently in talks with other partners and distributors to augment its market reach. If the company’s first focus is on humans, it targets to diversify its product portfolio with a focus on dogs and then all animals, as 10% of the estimated 175M dogs and cats in the U.S. have heart disease. The breakthrough will occur with the collaboration with the Veterinary Hospital at the North Carolina State University that tests and evaluates the use of the VMS+.

With Ventripoint’s meager market cap, you can understand the company is significantly undervalued and can offer a great return on investment.

Management Overview

Before focusing on the board members, we should wonder what led the company to seek disruptive technology. “After holding the hands of hundreds of children who have congenital heart disease, the founder of our technology felt there had to be a better way to provide care to children without having to rely on the highly restrictive MRI. Moreover, she wanted to give doctors the full information needed to monitor the heart state and make a confident diagnosis. This immediate need for change and compassion eventually led to the idea of the VMS and the creation of Ventripoint.”

Dr. George Adams is now at the head of the company. Dr. Adams is a scientist, a serial entrepreneur, and a financier. .Dr. Adams was awarded a World Economic Foundation Technology Pioneer for 2007 and TBI Company of the year in 2009. Dr. Adams has 124 scientific publications and is a reviewer for major scientific journals, federal granting agencies, and Centres of Excellence.

Recent News

On August 26, the company announced a sponsorship for the 70th European society of cardiology congress. According to the congress reports, 40,000 participants from 170 countries will hear 5,000 medical presentations during the event, bringing Ventripoint another opportunity to inform the cardiology community how innovative its VMS+ products are.

It comes after echocardiologists in Latin America expressed a strong interest in Ventripoint’s products, according to news shared on August 10. According to the DIC-SBC Conference Chairperson, Dr. Marly Uellendahl, “VMS+3.0 is an innovative technology that generates three-dimensional data from two-dimensional echocardiogram data and will have a major impact on clinical practice for sure, especially in evaluating the right ventricle.” The company has engaged a representative in Brazil. He has initiated discussions with KOLs, distributors, and regulatory consultants to establish a market entry plan and asses the demand for the VMS+ products in this rich region. The regulatory process in Brazil has recently been changed, and it is estimated it will take 6 to 12 months to complete depending on the classification of the VMS+.

What to remember

-The company is significantly undervalued with a $80M market cap in a $6.7B+ industry; Ventripoint (VPT.V) has more than $7M in cash;

-The company sponsors many conferences to spread the VMS+ awareness;

-Ventripoint’s partnership with GE Healthcare will lead to a huge deal.