What is First Phase, Who Are We, What's Our Mission

Spencer Duke
April 26, 2021
minute read

Welcome to the future, the new era of social investing.

$GME, $AMC, $BTC, $ETC, just some of the tickers running rampant in the streets throughout 2020 and 2021. 

Why? Well the answer should be obvious at this point... Social.

Thanks to social media, human access to information is now unparalleled, and it’s only getting better.

But wait, how are we so sure that social media is taking over market headlines right now?

Firstly, let’s introduce ourselves to you, the reader.

Welcome to First Phase Media, where we help inform, educate and entertain investors in the new era of Social Investing.

We’re a place you can find investment ideas, interviews, and understand market sentiment around our favorite companies. 

The rise of retail investors brings new eyes into the capital markets ecosystem and we’re here to help you position yourself in a world full of noise. 

Whether meme ‘stonks’ are your thing or moonshot investment opportunities, First Phase might just be where you’ll find it next. 

While we identify and report on various securities, we do not provide financial advice to buy and sell. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security.

At First Phase, our mission is simple. To inform, educate and entertain the modern investment community.

Our vision is to empower the investors of tomorrow.

With so many sources of finance information, there may not even be enough hours in the day to make informed decisions. That’s why we provide the first phase in your analysis that will help put you on the right path. 

Our articles & news are focused around a few key industry’s we think are important for a diversified framework of capital markets knowledge:

  1. Natural Resources
  2. Technology & Disruption
  3. Plant & Sustainability
  4. Blockchain & Crypto 
  5. Energy

Checkout new editions on a weekly basis as we ramp up for more publishing. 

On top of articles, we also have a Newsletter, The Social Investor. 

The thought process behind this was that after gaining first-hand experience in capital markets, and being involved in forums and discords for trading, you still never know where to have a source of truth in the market. 

We at First Phase aim to be the unbiased, trustworthy source of truth for Social Investors. 

Through social media it’s evident that the opportunities are bountiful and widespread, so we want to share as much information as we’ve learned with this audience. 

On top of the newsletter, the First Phase community is a great resource to start. 

Follow us on your favorite social media channels for constant updates, information and news releases on the daily. 

Join us, and the thousands of investors who are leading the charge in the new world of capital markets. Best of all, it’s free.

Welcome to First Phase.